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temptation in tokyu hands TwT


all i wanna do is *gunshot* *gunshot* *cash register noise* and overthrow the capitalist hegemony bringing about a glorious communist utopia


Blue Dot Glass
I love figuring out things that "e-celebs" don't want to admit. Like what apps they refuse to share or like where they got their clothes/accessories. It's fucking hilarious to me because they get so butt hurt if you ruin their "originality"

Why not let them feel original? Is that so bad?

If it wasn't for freelice, i would still be homeless


That supposed to be funny or?

I think it’s someone making fun of the increasingly ridiculous claims that “freelice did this and that and the other impossible thing for me”

You know what l, awhile back I posted a lot in the “freelice” tag and it wasn’t for fame. It was because I was standing up for myself and for my opinion. Because who wouldn’t? It happens sometimes. Shocker.
This makes me want to submit a positive message about her. People like other people, get used to it.